Korea-UK Policy and Technology Forum

Korea-UK Policy and Technology Forum

Since 2015, NAEK has been engaged in a variety of partnership activities with the Royal Academy of Engineering(RAEng) in the United Kingdom. Building on shared interests in clean energy, both academies are organizing an annual Policy and Technology Forum on Net Zero starting in 2023.


  • Promoting substantial industrial development and market growth through various exchanges such as policies, technologies, and businesses, focusing on key industrial sectors between Korea and the United Kingdom


  • Establish a mutually beneficial business partnership and value chain between the two countries through policy, technology, and business exchanges in key areas

Activity content

Korea-UK Policy and Technology Forum on Net Zero

- To strengthen cooperation in clean energy (hydrogen, nuclear power, etc.) between the two countries, a policy and technology forum will be held every year

Promote business meetings to build a network of professionals

Support long-term cooperation and market entry through meetings with relevant companies and organizations centered on forum participants

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