East Asia Round Table Meeting

East Asia Round Table Meeting

In collaboration with China and Japan, we are developing a sustainable knowledge network in East Asia to enhance the national competitiveness in future industrial technology, discover promising technologies, and prepare joint countermeasures among the three countries.


  • Korea, China and Japan both share technological trends and establish a system of continuous cooperation to improve national competitiveness and take advantage of economic opportunities amid slowing economic growth
  • Development projects to promote promising technology and cooperation projects to establish promising technology on the Korea-China-Japan cooperation project


  • Contributing to enhancing future industrial technology competitiveness by operating a continuous private-level knowledge network in Northeast Asia

Activity content


It will be held in a Korea-China-Japan rotation and share technical trends related to the topic

Round Table Meeting

3 Status review, next year's host country and agenda selection, board members designation

Industrial Inspection

Visits to companies, research institutes, and universities in connection with symposiums


Sharing awareness of major issues between Korea, China and Japan and establishing joint countermeasures through research on technological cooperation between Korea, China and Japan

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