International Activities


CAETS(International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences) is the highest international authority in engineering, with one member academy per country. Since joining CAETS in 2000, NAEK has been actively engaged in networking with other academies from around the world and strengthening its identity as a national academy.


  • Consultation with member countries of the World Institute of Engineering on industrial/engineering agenda of each country and securing global engineering technology leadership


  • Building a network with the World Engineering Forest and enhancing the identity of the Engineering Forest
  • Discussion of national agenda in engineering, technology status of each country, challenges, etc

Activity Content


The 33 member countries hold it in rotation (held in Korea in 2020) and a statement is issued by the hosting country.

General Meeting

Attendance of executives from all 33 member states; approval of the previous year's financial audit report by CAETS operating countries; review of the current financial position; selection of host countries and agendas for the next year; and designation of members of the board of directors.

CAETS Energy Committee

It is the most continuous and active CAETS working group, with more than 20 countries participating and publishing a comparison report of each country's energy policies and current status every two years. .

Working Group

Members of CAETS participate in small group discussions on topics they are interested in before the symposium is held.

Communications, Energy, Sustainable Development Goal, Diversity, Education

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