ASEAN-Korea Engineering Forum

ASEAN-Korea Engineering Forum

NAEK is actively fostering policy and technology exchanges on global agendas in partnership with the ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology(AAET). Concurrently, we are dedicated to facilitating tangible collaborations between ASEAN and Korea through targeted professional group activities.


  • Establishment of long-term cooperative relationship using human network between Korea and ASEAN Engineering and Hanlimwon
  • Establishment and operation of a consultative system for Korea-ASEAN high-level industrial circles and engineering technicians, and vitalization of industrial exchanges


  • Strengthen functions of joint R&D projects and policy suggestions through technical cooperation and policy exchanges between high-level experts of Korea and ASEAN
  • Contributing to the entry of Korean companies into the ASEAN market and the establishment of a global network through technological and business exchanges between Korea and ASEAN companies

Activity content

Korea-ASEAN Engineering Forum

- Annual Forum Rotation is being held with the ASEAN Academy of Engineering (ASEAN 4 times, Korea 1 time)

- ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology: an expert group of 250 representative engineers from 10 ASEAN countries

Korea-ASEAN Water Treatment Working Group

- Expert group formed in 2023 to share current status of water treatment technologies, research activities and policies in Korea-ASEAN countries and explore potential for mutual cooperation

- Seminars are held twice a year, and about 20 experts from 7 countries are participating

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